Shuttle Bus

Running a shuttle bus system can be challenging and time-consuming. Your passengers demand punctuality, comfort, and cleanliness. You want the most efficient, cost-effective operation possible. Run right, your shuttle system becomes an asset and a reputation builder. Run wrong, it could create headaches and issues that distract from your core business.

We can help. Metro Trans will partner with you to customize a solution that fits your transportation needs, while delivering the highest levels of safety, customer service and quality. Our immaculate bus fleet consists of late model shuttle buses that range from ADA-equipped Para transit buses to large corporate shuttles designed to carry upto 40 passengers.
Our staff is trained to be of utmost assistance to those with special needs, including bike commuters, expectant mothers and handicapped persons.

You also have peace of mind knowing that our staff is extensively trained in safety and security. Whatever the situation, you can rest assured our professional staff is equipped with procedures and training to keep your employees safe and secure.

Operationally, Metro Trans shuttles take the weight off your shoulders with customized reporting and total transparency. From vehicle inspections to on-time performance, you’ll have full access to the status and history of every aspect of your shuttle operation.

In addition to being an excellent benefit for employees’ work-life balance, commuter programs are recognized as environmentally friendly.  Commuter buses use biodiesel and other alternative fuels and fit perfectly with company’s sustainability programs.  Commuter programs take thousands of private vehicles off the roads each workday, reducing traffic congestion and helping to clean the air we breathe.

We help you deliver your riders on time, everyday, with fewer hassles for you.