School Bus

Metro Trans provides student transportation for a variety of private schools and school district needs, making us experts in tackling the transportation challenges a school may face.  While each school partnership is unique, we remain constant with our delivery:

We deliver Safety:  That means every single one of the students we transport each day is that much more safe, secure and ready to take on their day when they ride with us.

We deliver Savings: we deliver the efficiencies, economies of scale and purchasing power that only Metro Trans can provide. That’s measurable savings you can use for education expenses, return to the classroom or allocate according to your district’s needs —without sacrificing local jobs or passenger safety.

We deliver Solutions: Drawing on a decade of service, knowledge and expertise, we design services around your goals and deliver solutions that fulfill your community’s immediate and long-term needs. We build strong community partnerships because we go beyond daily student transportation and provide solutions that help schools succeed.

We deliver Reliability: Reliability is one of the aspects to keep parents, students and school officials happy with their student transportation.  In addition to operational efficiencies that enhance reliability, through our expertise and technological capabilities, we’re able to identify the location of our buses and each student on our buses in near real-time.

We deliver Sustainability: We are committed to bettering the communities we serve through sustainable and cost-effective environmentally friendly programs meant to help the environment.

We also provide school bus rental and charter bus services. School bus rentals are an affordable way to provide transportation for student activities such as field trips, extracurricular activities, sporting events and competitions. Buses may also be rented for non-school activities such as summer camps, youth groups and daycare